A registered digital asset treasury storage and management platform

Fortuna provides a seamless and secure environment for organisations and individuals to custody their assets.

Institutional-grade Technology

Fortuna offers a highly secure infrastructure trusted by financial institutions and banks ensuring your assets are protected under the highest standards of security.

Licensed, Insured & Compliant

Multi-Asset Coverage

The digital asset ecosystem is evolving rapidly and we are constantly innovating to keep up with it. We offer custody solutions for a wide range of digital assets on all major blockchains.

Enter Fortuna

Our Services

Institutional Grade Technology Infrastructure

Treasury custody for digital assets

Regulated one-stop shop solution for digital asset issuers and holders

Treasury custody for Companies' own digital native asset

Access to vetted DeFi solutions for treasury management

NFT Custody

What We Solve?

Real World Asset Originators are being onboarded slowly to the DeFi ecosystem. They do not have the time, funds or the technical skills needed to build solutions to access or manage liquidity pools.

Compliance Issues
European governments are enforcing stricter regulations against holders of non-custodial wallets creating compliance issues for institutions.

Security Risks
Many institutions and individuals lack the technical expertise hence they undermine the risk of storing their assets on exchanges and hot wallets.

Passive Assets 
Individuals forego the opportunity to earn returns through staking, liquidity mining or DeFi protocols to optimise the full potential of digital assets.

Why Fortuna?

Know what makes us a trusted and secure digital asset custodian!

Treasury Management

Insurance Protection

360º Custody Solution

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