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Fortuna Digital Custody brings governance, security and trust to the digital asset sector.

We are an Ireland based provider of custody services for digital assets, including cryptocurrencies. Our institutional grade infrastructure manages all elements of custody, key management, AML and regulatory compliance.

Our solutions provide custodial services for financial institutions, exchanges, funds and individuals. We work across all areas of the blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

Fortuna Custody

The team at Fortuna Digital Custody works with clients across the full digital asset and blockchain spectrum to support their digital custody needs. This includes private and institutional clients in traditional finance sectors as well as those operating in the blockchain and crypto areas.

Institutional and private customers supported include
ExchangesCrypto fundsTokenization ServicesTraditional Financial ServicesFamily officesPrivate Investors
The Fortuna vault is chain agnostic and policy management supports governance and control processes, role segregation and a full audit trail for customers and stakeholder groups.


The Fortuna Digital Custody infrastructure is institutional grade technology and assets secured in our custody platform are insured and distributed across multiple global data centres.

All operations are made within a secured environment without any point of failure.

Private keys are isolated, stored and encrypted within a hardware security module, and are never handled directly by day-to-day operators. Signature is strictly controlled by custom governance rules.

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Fortuna Staking

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Bridging Services

As the range of blockchain protocols expands, interoperability and bridging between blockchains has taken on a critical level of importance.

Fortuna Bridge enables customers to target opportunities in the broader Crypto and Defi ecosystem.

Customers can “wrap” their native token in the target blockchain of their choice.
The service includes on and off ramps for client customers to ‘wrap” and “unwrap” their tokens. Fortuna Bridge integrates seamlessly with Fortuna Custody.

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